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What the future might hold

From: farouk abdullah To: lisno setiawan Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 3:49 PM Subject: Re:What the future might hold Here is a recent channeling that may help you in your budget planning...... I consider this reality a serious possibility based on the transformations taking place on Earth. These conditions may be a precurser to Ascension also. That we will have to wait and see.... Note what professions will and will not be.... Farouk Although we are entering a brave, new world, promising abundance for all, peace and a pollution-free environment, the actual entrance may be a little bit on the rough side - too rough for some in fact. It might be compared to the process of refining silver, which first has to go through fire to separate it from the dross. >> >>Many of us reckon that we have been going through this refining process for some years now ..... and can't wait for these better times to arrive!!Such a drastic change cannot take place without some chaos, so it is best to be prepared on many fronts. As is usually the case with human beings, they do not listen until it is too late, so when the announcements are made the majority will be in a state of shock at having been so completely conned by the Dark side and even have difficulty in perceiving the advantages of this new, enlightened environment, as all they can see at this moment in time is disaster on an unheard of scale, and maybe even right on their very doorstep. Then there will be continuing seismic activity and upheavals for a few years until planet Earth settles down. If one has been dependent upon a wage or salary to get through life - and that of course means the vast majority of us - finding closed doors at work could be a devastating blow.
Many professions will disappear without a tear being shed. Those that did not contribute positively to either business or society will become obsolete. For those who find themselves suddenly unemployed, there will be generous social benefits paid out which will make up for loss of pay and reduce stress. The business scene as a whole however will be drastically altered and this will take some adjustment.Some examples are listed below. The principal losers:Political parties and politicians will go the way of the Dodo. They were set up to help exercise control over the population by a small group, pretending to work on behalf of the people. The people fell for their lies, so this revelation will come as a great shock. To be a good politician one also had to be a great liar(with a few outstanding exceptions, of course, as happens in most fields) and in a world where Truth now prevails, they must be discarded. There will be new benevolent governments installed in all countries until truly free elections can take place under much improved conditions - no computer manipulation of results and the results announced truthfully. It was not uncommon for one person to win an election but his opponent to be announced the winner ...... Give these new leaders moral support to the best of your ability: they are there to build a new sovereign nation from the wreckage that the Illuminati and their minions left behind. Stockbrokers, financial analysts and the like - all gone. There are no more shares, therefore there can be no stock exchanges, although there will be a distribution system for agricultural products. Gambling on stocks and shares, and currency speculation, dies a sudden death. All major currencies are now of equal value. Lawyers - and judges - will find no place to practise their trade: not many tears will be shed over that. The courts will no longer display gold-fringed flags, indicating proceedings under royalty or maritime law, and there will be no clothing worn to denote the inferiority of those not belonging to the legal fraternity. Abraham Lincoln has clearly outlined how courts will operate in the future, under Common Law ...... see Truth Committees. Oil & Gas industry: it's over ..... find another job. Bankers and those employed by trust companies and credit unions will see a drop in the number of banks and other financial institutions as the elimination of interest (usury), competition, fraud and corporate greed reduces their numbers. Offshore banks will no longer serve a useful purpose and will die off. Banks will have no shareholders (all companies must be restructured without shares) so no profits can be distributed. Most of the current directors will therefore resign - if they have not already been taken off the planet. And the Rest:Charitable organisations in the field of health will disappear as they acted basically as a front for the collection of monies for the Illuminati: there was little - if any - research done in the pharmaceutical field. Employees will need to seek greener pastures. This category will effectively disappear from the business world as there is no income tax and consequently no tax benefits. Food Industry: manufacturers will be required to redevelop their products without the injurious additives, colourings and genetically modified ingredients that are currently present (often for mind-control purposes). Twelve manufacturers have controlled the food industry for ages and this food cartel will no longer be able to blackmail farmers as they have been doing worldwide. Health: The words 'health' and 'medicine' have been used as being interchangeable, which is far from the Truth. Health services will become exactly that "health services" and not "medical services", and no drug will be permitted to be marketed unless it is totally free from side-effects. On the other hand, natural products will be freely marketed. Emphasis will be on preventive health and a physician in any modality may be employed by hospitals or clinics, if he has local qualification or equivalent qualifications from his country of origin - or any other country. The monopoly in this field has caused untold damage to the health of the nation and those responsible will not be permitted to continue in this or any other related field. Oversight of drugs, health products and practitioners will be organised without favouritism or prejudice amongst appropriately qualified physicians. Hotel chains can no longer be "chains" as one 'company' cannot 'own' another company (there are no shares). Corporate spending can be expected to diminish greatly and transportation difficulties (for some time at any rate) will add to the problem of arranging conferences and meetings of all kinds. Individual travel will also be hit badly for many reasons, and a great many hotels may just close their doors. Insurance agents will find little in the way of business. With everyone having abundance, in due course, and the consciousness of mankind having risen substantially, there will be little or no need for insurance of any kind. Those who run into misfortune will be helped by others - the humanitarian side of humanity will come to the fore. Lobbyists will find no one interested in bribes or in providing preferential treatment to a specific group. Media - newspapers, periodicals, television and radio will be rationalised as their owners and corporate interests, see the pointlessness of competition in reporting the Truth, and advertising revenue falls. Local newspapers will fare better than the national press. The internet will be used more and more for reporting news of all kinds and this will continue to depress newspaper sales. Medicine: see Health Military - as Peace is declared and implemented worldwide, the need for military forces will decline and eventually disappear. The military have not been used, as a rule, to defend one's country but rather to promote the interests of the Illuminati, who owned the factories producing munitions and military equipment. These are now closed and the Illuminati have gone. To complete the illusion the armed forces were sadistically called 'peacemakers' . This represents a very large pool of potential staff for a wide variety of trades, many very well qualified in electronic and other technical areas and this workforce should find new opportunities in industries refreshed by the introduction of new and hitherto suppressed technologies. Business security firms may well be needed for some time yet and would welcome ex-servicemen and women. The remainder could find themselves transferred to a Coastguard operation, which would also deal with emergencies at sea and in coastal areas. Foreign forces on our soil will be returned to their country of origin. Pharmaceutical Laboratories will be replaced by labs producing natural remedies. The current owners will most likely quit, as they can no longer make profits in the 1,000+% range. Existing facilities in many instances will be taken over by those with the health of the community at heart, until disease is no longer prevalent upon the Earth. Police forces will no longer be ruled by a Russian from the United Nations. They will be returned to local management and protecting the public rather than controlling them. Once again it will be "to Serve and Protect" the public. It might be beneficial to get rid of the typical black uniforms and return to earlier formats. The colour blackhas typified the forces of the Dark side and we need to consign that memory to the history books. Sports will no longer be a commercial proposition. The outrageous salaries paid to players will cease as advertising drops off and profits cannot be made. As competition is replaced by cooperation in this New Age, interest in such games will diminish. Few have recognised the existence of 'serfdom' in sports: players today are no more than pawns, traded at the whim of the owner. This was never more obvious than in (North American) ice-hockey, when the famous "No.99" (Wayne Gretzky) was traded to Los Angeles Kings from Edmonton Oilers. The public uproar and personal anguish had no effect whatsoever on the owner. It was time to sell the gold-mine ..... It is no different in most other sports. Auto-racing, Formula 1, NASCAR, drag racing and the like, on land, sea and in the air, using petroleum products will cease at first, but may be resuscitated on a lesser scale when comparable engines using cosmic energy or other non-polluting, alternative energies are produced. By that time however public interest may well have diminished. Spying as a career is out - No more Mata Haris, no more James Bond. As the relationship between countries improves, thanks to a general uplifting of the consciousness of mankind, distrust will disappear and cooperation will take its place. Transportation: Automobile Manufacture and ancillary services: with gas and diesel engines inoperative, will see a lull in production until substitute fuels can be utilised. There are many such systems in hiding right now because of the suppression by industrial interests, but replacement of existing propulsion units (air, sea and land) will be a major task and offer new opportunities for many. While aftermarket replacements are organised, completely different propulsion systems may change the future styling of automobiles in general. Travel: airlines will be grounded, putting thousands out of work, and this will reverberate throughout the industries which depend upon planes flying - including resort hotels - until space shuttles are built to replace jumbo jets, with new space-ports servicing them, and support services reorganised. Transportation services - a very wide field, covering not just airlines, automobiles, couriers, delivery services, movers and trucking companies, but ships and other maritime services: They all use propulsion systems which will no longer operate, so they will be at a standstill until new propulsion systems are made available and equipment is converted. Shipping will have even more problems: the seas will be turbulent for about two years after 'stasis', as seismic disturbances and extreme weather conditions prevent transoceanic trips. This will affect cruise liners as well as cargo ships. It will be a good time to re-utilize ocean liners, perhaps affording accommodation for displaced persons, or the homeless over this period - and maybe even beyond. Inland waterways (barging) will not be affected to the same extent, but will require new energy systems. In short, the fields which fed corporate greed and excessive profits in the past will become infertile deserts of the future. In business as a whole we can say that the day of "The Donald" is gone. The atmosphere between 'employee' and 'employer' will no longer reflect 'serfdom' but a spirit of cooperation to provide the quality of goods and services that the public needs. Products will no longer be engineered to break down soon after the warranty period expires. As our ET friends explain -"Maintenance? Our spacecraft need no maintenance. Make it right in the first place and it will need no maintenance! " Wouldn't that be quite a turnaround for automotive manufacturers! The Positive side:It will be an exciting time for new businesses, and countless opportunities will open up.(check out the many humanitarian and environmental projects that might need you). For those with a positive outlook on life and in tune with Mother Earth a glorious future beckons. Government positions will be opened up. Apart from the representatives that the people will eventually vote in as true representatives of the sovereign citizens of Canada, forming a non-partisan government, positions in the new, revamped cabinet will be made available as career positions. If you are therefore an expert in your particular field, you might consider offering your services to the interim Prime Minister as he will be looking for administrators, researchers, scientists and other experts to fill a variety of positions in his Cabinet and to advise him on various matters of national importance. There will be a staff shortage in many professions, including education, where teachers will be in demand, teachers who are knowledgeable, from kindergarten through to tertiary education, as well as adult education. The current system has deliberately produced sub-standard students, through sub-standard teachers, teaching from sub-standard textbooks, although some have managed to overcome these negative conditions. The curriculum itself will see great changes as the suppression of information becomes a thing of the past. It will be a time for rewriting textbooks. Telepathy: (Spiritual) A new profession will open up as an accepted career - one necessary to communicate with our 'new-found' extra-terrestrial friends and advisors and there will also be great demand for instruction in this 'new' field. Many will become independent advisors, many will remain attached to one specific organisation. A Scientific Telepath will be most helpful to industries, both these who are reorganising as well as those that are completely new. The churches are also commanded to have in the future at least one person who can communicate in this way for guidance. Telepaths will be needed for help in the electrical field as the dodeca unit of energy replaces existing units. This is still in its infancy but must be recognised without delay. Information is scarce at the moment. The construction industry will likely boom on account of widespread physical upheavals and the pressing need to rebuild, limited only by the availability of building materials and a reduced population. Engineering services will also be in high demand as many bridges, ports and railroads will have suffered damage. Existing as well as new businesses will require flexibility and a new approach in these changed times. PS: You may like to add a few ideas here of your own, as this is just a foundation to build upon in each country. Think what Indonesia would be like if everyone was a millionaire. This is what is on the table but it has to be done in an organized and intelligent manner to change the attitudes and beliefs of the masses from the current debt and mental enslavement 'control' concept to one of love and sharing and living the ideals held in most people's heart. The ideals of Pancasila are there to be implemented......some day soon.

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